Can Foreigners Start Businesses In Russia?

There are some people who just wish to move to a different country when setting up a business. There are notable reasons why some people want to do this. Some notice that the culture of the people in a different country had led them towards a more disciplined manner at work, while others just see the country as a low-cost investment that they can easily afford, and another notable reason is that their business can become in-demand in a different country.

These top three reasons were the main reasons why people can have a better way to earn some profits if they just move to a different country, or if they feel like expanding their business to a different country as well. However, take note that there are different regulations per country – which can make you think if it’s safe to set up a business in the country that you want. In the case of Russia, you have to take note that it’s very possible to start a business in Russia. If it’s impossible to set up a business in Russia, services such as startuprussia will never exist in the first place.

A Very Accommodating Country

When the year 2000 started, certain rumors about Russia being a very corrupt country started to spread. However, this is not a huge problem after all since there are less than 15% of small businesses in the country that belongs to foreigners during the year 2005. Take note that these businesses are not international companies who have main branches in the foreigner’s country. They simply invested for a small business in Russia, and they were able to gain better profit in there.

As the years passed by, there were multiple people who also became sole proprietors in Russia, and take note that those people lived in a different country. Therefore, you can really say that it’s very safe to invest in Russia, and that’s why services like startuprussia existed in the first place as a means to help out newcomers in the country to set up a business.